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Infocordoba is the first English-language travel website dedicated to the World Heritage city of Cordoba, candidate for European Cultural Capital 2016.

In 2004, 27.6 million foreign tourists visited Spain, and a third of foreign tourists were from English-speaking countries. Of those, 4.9 million foreign tourists visited Andalusia, and 264,900 of them visited Cordoba. That is a significant market, and it has the potential to grow.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, Cordoba had the lowest rate of internet-connectedness for hotels in Andalucía in 2004, and hotel occupancy rate that was one of the lowest in Andalusia. In the past year, foreign tourism has stagnated while domestic tourism has grown by 22%.

Cordoba is expanding its infrastructure, but effective marketing in English over the internet is still absent. Furthermore, without professional efforts to communicate to prospective visitors, Cordoba will continue to be a well-kept secret.

Infocordoba welcomes the support of individuals, businesses and institutions so that we can develop Cordoba's full potential and open the city and province to the world.

If you are a quality business in Cordoba which desires to offer goods or services to English-speaking tourists using the internet, Infocordoba is the place to advertise. We can help you reach the English-speaking market, including millions of tourists who speak English as a 2nd language. Likewise, if you are a solid internet-enabled company offering goods and services directly related to Spain and travel in Spain, we will be happy to discuss placing a link to your page with you. I do not charge for this (infocordoba is non-profit), however, I am very selective!.


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