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What are the dates for the Cordoba Patio Festival this year?


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Update: official dates for 2009 Patio Festival are May 6-17

Official dates aren't published until January

When is the Patio Festival next year? What are the dates for the Crosses Festival? When is the Cordoba Fair? When are the most important Easter events and Holy Week processions? These are good questions coming from the well-organized traveler wanting to make his hotel reservations in September or October of the previous year.

Unfortunately, the civil servant in charge won't get around to publishing the following year's festivals and events until January, after Christmas holidays, when he uploads the official document somewhere deep in the municipal government's large, convoluted and Spanish-language website. Then the word gradually gets out.

How to make a prediction for next year's May Cordoba festival dates

This is unofficial, but I think I'd be doing the forward thinkers of the world a favor if I told them more or less how these festivals are planned, so that you can predict the Cordoba May calendar of events before it is published by the bureaucrats. Of course, I must declare that my theories and the dates I propose in no way constitute official information, and that I therefore cannot be held responsible for variations, changes in the length of festivals, mistakes and any inconveniences or disappointments the information below may cause. Sorry about that, but I'm just a guy who lives in Cordoba, and I don't want any complaints.

Step 1: Caluculate the May Crosses weekend

The first "May" festival is the Crosses Festival. Now, if there is a weekend right at the end of April, the Crosses festival will go there, and possibly spill over onto Monday or Tuesday the 1st of May. This was the case in 2007. If there is a weekend right at the beginning of May, then the Crosses festival will be held then, as in 2008, when it was from Thursday the 1st to Sunday the 4th. Look at next year's calendar and mark the most likely weekend.

Step 2: The next two weekends are included in the Patio Festival

OK, the Patio Festival dates are going to include the next two weekends, starting on the Wednesday or Thursday before the 1st weekend, and ending on the Sunday of the 2nd weekend (12 days). In 2007, it started on Thursday the 3rd (2 days after the end of the May Crosses Festival on the 1st) and ended on Sunday the 13th. In 2008, it started on Wednesday the 7th (3 days after the Sunday wrap-up of the Crosses Festival) and ended on the date of the 18th.

Patio and flower lovers will be glad to know that many patios will be open now from April to June for a fee, except for during the festival, when entry is free of charge.

Step 3: The Cordoba Fair starts the following Friday night

For those looking for a good party, typical Spanish style, the Cordoba Fair starts on Saturday at 0:00 the following weekend (opening fireworks at midnight from Friday to Saturday). The 24-hour-a-day, week-long festival wraps up on the following Saturday night, with the midnight fireworks.

Estimated Dates

So, based on my un-official theory, dates for these important spring Cordoba events could be:

30 April 2009 - 03 May 2009 Crosses Festival (estimated dates) [Actual dates: 29 Apr - 3 May]
07 May 2009 - 16 May 2009 Cordoba Patio Festival (estimated dates) [Actual dates: 6-17 May]
23 May 2009 - 30 May 2009 Cordoba Fair (estimated dates) [Actual dates: 23-30 May]

29 April 2010 - 02 May 2010 Crosses Festival (estimated dates)
06 May 2010 - 15 May 2010 Cordoba Patio Festival (estimated dates)
22 May 2009 - 29 May 2009 Cordoba Fair (estimated dates)

Easter in Cordoba: when are the processions?

Now, Easter is a little more complex, because it involves moon cycles. But if you have got next year's calendar, just look and see when Easter is. The Palm Sunday procession is the previous Sunday morning, followed by processions every evening. The Thursday and Friday of Holy Week are the most important days and nights for procession watchers, with the Solemnity of Christ's passion. There are no processions on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, and on Sunday is the final Resurrection procession.

Once the City Hall makes dates public, I will publish them on Events section of Infocordoba (see menu). As of 2 Jan 2010, they have not been posted.




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