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4 FEB 2007: With Google's new technology, I have been able to program a customized, dynamic map of Cordoba. All of the monuments are not yet located on it, but in the near future I hope to complete this pain-staking task.


Following a section on driving and parking in Cordoba (tourists' main complaint) are links to a few maps of Cordoba that I have found on the web. It's a marvelous city to explore on foot. Any one of the maps below will help you locate the major attractions. If you are trying to get around the city by car, you may find some difficulty.

Locating a good map is not easy, and computer-generated directions are not always reliable (Cordoba's streets and traffic have changed a lot in 2005, so that even locals haven't figured out how to navigate certain areas in the old city, especially those who don't normally drive there). I have rescued more than one foreign driver trying to make his way through the old city's tangled, one-way streets by getting into their car and pointing the way.

Update 3 Jan 2008: Googles maps seem to have corrected their data on traffic directions for several key streets.

Driving and Parking in Cordoba

If you're planning on making a brief stop in Cordoba and you're driving, don't try to go into the historic center by car (north of the river, east of Paseo de la Victoria and south of Ronda de los Tejares). Park and walk to get the most out of a brief stop (see below).

I don't want anyone to waste hours trying to drive to their hotel in the historic district, so I will go ahead and warn you. The historic part of Cordoba is a wonderful walking city, but terrible to drive or park in. If you are staying at a hotel in the historic center, ask them for parking advice and directions before you drive into the city (preferably in writing), as you literally could save yourself hours of frustration. You may want to park in one of the large underground public parking lots indicated below and then catch a taxi to your hotel if it does not have its own parking. (Ideally, turn in your rental car at the train station and catch a taxi or walk to your hotel).

UPDATE 3 January 2008: Streets around Mezquita blocked to traffic. In late 2007, the city council placed an automated, license-plate-reading roadbloack at the beginning of Amador de los Ríos street, just next to the Alcázar. This blocks traffic to several popular hotels around the Mezquita-Cathedral, including Maimónides and El Conquistador.

Cordoba Maps

NEW: Dynamic, printer-friendly map of Cordoba with multiple views (satellite and street map) and levels of detail. Programmed by me and Google-powered. I will continue to add important landmarks to it in the months ahead. You may also use it to find addresses.

Microsoft's new Local.Live Map and satellite views of Cordoba. Cordoba is Spain's first city to be included in this new Microsoft venture. I have added informational markers. Click on "Bird's Eye" for photos and "Road" for street map. Extremely good.

Download tourist map of Cordoba (800K). As a service to humanity, I have placed 2 bright "P" symbols on the upper and left edges of the maps approximately where there are 2 large underground public parking lots. Note: traffic flows both ways on Avenida del Aeropuerto on the west side of the city center, and towards the train station along Paseo de la Libertad (parking lot on north side of the city center, just north of the long Paseo de Renfe park). Update: now there is another public parking lot on Paseo de la Victoria northbound.

Another Cordoba map A basic pdf map, slightly out of date but nice in that it is oriented along an E-W axis so that everything fits on one page when printing.

Official Map from the Cordoba City Hall. Since they've made it impossible for a tourist to find or operate, I've given you a shortcut straight into a view of (central) Tendillas Square. Now you're on your own. You must figure out how to enlarge it, move it around and find things like parking on it (which for some reason doesn't show up...). Hint: icons on the upper right, and click on "mapa en pantalla completa" at the top right corner of the screen for a large version. You may want to write to them to ask for good maps and directions into the city (don't expect a response).

Hotmaps : zoomable no-frills tourist map of Cordoba. No directions available. The printable view is nice, but it cuts off the bottom of the map where the Mezquita, Alcazar and Roman bridge are. Beware of the parking lots shown. The one on Gongora street is hard to get to and often full. The one on Avenida de Ronda de los Tejares is under El Corte Ingles department store and, if it's not full, is fine for fairly short-term parking only.

Map Quest: Cordoba is in their Spain map database of dynamic maps. Beware of the directions, however, as drivers may find that traffic in many streets in the city center now flows in the opposite direction or is cut. Their database is out of date and is missing major changes made on the north side of the city in recent years (Last checked Jan 2006).

MSN Maps and Directions. Another dynamic map with an very out-of-date database, but allows for larger map sizes (select on upper left). To see map of Cordoba, select Spain from the menu and input a postal code of 14001.

4 January 2006




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