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2006 Cordoba Patio Festival


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The 2006 Patio Festival in Cordoba was even more exhuberant than last year's, and relatively mild weather this spring leading up to the May 3 start of the annual festival set the stage for a very beautiful week indeed. As usual, a patio festival map was available, divided into 3 main itineraries (rutas).

marroquies 6 - First prize 2006 Tinte 9 - honorable mention Tinte 9 - honorable mention

This year my wife and I visited a record number of patios and took a large number of snapshots. I've made a selection and named the photos themselves with the street name and number (marroquies_6-1 means 'number 6, Marroquies street, photo number 1'). This gives a good overall idea about what different houses and neighborhoods are like. I'll post a photo album for each of the three official itineraries:

For an artistic look at the patios, I have selected 24 photographs by amateur photographer José A. Entrenas. I thank him again for his generous contributions. They are high-quality images, many of which offer surprising perspectives and a more intimate look at Cordoba's secret gardens: the patios.

Photography by J.A.Entrenas

Winning Patios of the 2006 Patio Festival:

Traditional Architecture

Modern Architecture

1st - Marroquies street, number 6 1st - Barrionuevo street, number 22
2nd - Postrera street, number 28 2nd - San Basilio street, number 22
3rd - Martin de la Roa, number 9  

This year, apart from the Wine Festival, there was the 2nd annual Cordoba Horse Fair (one of the most important in Spain, but sadly, very little known) and a series of high-quality Flamenco concerts organized by the City Hall, but once again, poorly publicized. In fact, I asked for a patio map at the tourist information booth on the first day of the patio festival and for information on the concerts, and the man working there was unable to give me any information whatsoever. Still, the concerts were a success, according to the Diario Cordoba newspaper. Carbonell Olive Oil sponsored the concerts.

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