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Cordoba Monuments and Sightseeing Attractions

Where to start when compiling a photo album of Cordoba Spain? Probably with the old city, Cordoba's historic centre, declared Universal Heritage by the UNESCO and a sightseer's delight. Here are some great photos of what tourists see in Cordoba when they begin to scratch the surface of this beautiful Andalusian city. Don't forget to read the explanations at the bottom of each page for further information. Also be sure to check out our other photo albums, which go beyond your basic sightseeing fare.

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Side street Cordoba Jewish Quarter
Side street
St Raphael devotional column in Cordoba Spain
St Raphael column
Detail St Raphael column - allegorical figures
Column detail
Differences between Cordoba and Seville architecture - unusual colors for Cordoba
Building near Mosque
Luis de Gongora's poem to Cordoba
Gongora poem
Puerta del Puente in Cordoba Spain, next to Guadalquivir river
Puerta del puente
Detail Puerta del Puente Gate with Mezquita in background
Callejita de las Flores - Mosque-Cathedral belfry
Cjita de las flores
One of Cordoba's colorful souvenir shops
Callejita del pañuelo (panuelo) - Cordoba Spain
callejita del pañuelo
Puerta de Almodovar - Gate to north end of Jewish Quarter in Cordoba Spain
Almodovar gate
Gate to San Basilio neighborhood in Cordoba Spain, near Alcazar
Gate San Basilio
Palm grove at entrance to Alcazar de los reyes cristianos in Cordoba Spain
Entrance Alcazar
Devotional figure of St Raphael, archangel protector of Cordoba Spain, on Roman bridge over Guadalquivir River.
Roman Bridge
Calahorra Tower guarding south end of Roman Bridge over Guadalquivir river - Cordoba Spain - home to Museum of the Three Cultures
Calahorra Tower
Medieval Portillo Gate
El Portillo gate
Portillo Gate with flowers - Cordoba Spain
Portillo with flowers
Stree in Cordoba's historic centre - World Heritage Site UNESCO
Cordoba street
View from Calle Cabezas - are there ghosts in Cordoba Spain?
Cabezas Street
City walls in Cordoba Spain - statue of Averroes
City walls
Roman Temple in Cordoba Spain dedictated to the imperial cult of Augustus Caesar
Roman temple
Posada del Potro Inn in Plaza del Potro - Cordoba Spain
Posada del Potro
Roman Bridge over Guadalquivir at night - Cordoba Spain
Roman Bridge
View of Puerta de Almodovar with fountains - Cordoba Spain
Almodovar Gate
Hostpital de San Sebastian near Mezquita in Cordoba Spain
San Sebastian H.

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