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Finally a recommendable web site on Holy Week in Cordoba - From Seville!


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April 4, 2006 - Córdoba, Spain. By Tony Reed. If you're going to Cordoba for Holy Week, you need two things: a Holy Week Guide and the up-to-date schedule of opening hours for monuments to see during the day, when there are no processions. The Cordoba City Hall usually posts the latter on its web site, hidden deep down in one of its (Spanish language) tourist directory, so I checked to see if it had been updated since December. No luck. In fact, the link was dead, despite my written request over a week ago. I did find something, however, that really make my poking around worthwhile: a link to a new web site on Holy Week in Cordoba.

Cordobeses are fairly cynical about their own perceived lack of initiative and vision, and after a decade this underlying fatalism rubs off. So when I saw that the web site was done by Caja San Fernando Savings Bank from Seville, I had to say, "¡Pues claro!" (But of course!). Bravo to the Sevillanos and to the generous visionaries at Caja San Fernando who apparently know that these projects are about more than just short-term profit, and who have produced an effective, informative guide to the Andalusian Holy Week Guide covering Seville, Malaga and Cordoba.

Guide Review: main features in brief

  • Attractive without being slow or overly complicated.
  • Schedules of processions by Day / Time / Procession / Landmark / Place
  • Informative notes on landmarks and streets
  • Clear, easy-to-use maps with color-coded animations on maps showing routes - DO play with them by pulling the time bar at the bottom from left to right. Use the magnifying lens to get close-ups of map.
  • No baroque, excruciatingly boring text scaring us off from the first page - clear and concise writing
  • A rare example of an Andalusian business sponsoring quality tourist initiatives, together with the Seville tourism board.

Visit the Featured Web site:

Guia de Semana Santa Sponsors: Caja San Fernando. Turismo de Sevilla.




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