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  Cordoba Patios Plant and Flower Glossary (Spanish-English)  

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If you are a gardening enthusiast or simply curious, you will want to know what is growing in Cordoba's famous patios. Infocordoba has been talking to patio owners and scouring botanical sources to try to translate local names for Cordoba's flora into English. Imagine that an excited homeowner tells you what the beautiful flower you asked about is--it's no use going home and asking for alegría de la casa seeds, is it? So here is the first ever bilingual Cordoba flower and plant catalogue. One day, I hope to get matching pictures and expand the list, but here's what I have so far:

Español (Latin) English  
albahaca basil  
alegría (de la casa) (impatiens) impatiens  
amarilis (amarilis) amaryllis
aspidistra / pelistra (aspidistra elatior) aspidistra  
azalea azalea  
begonia (begoania rex) begonia  
begonia doble    
borbotones (?)    
buganvilla bougainvillea  
celinda syringa  
cineraria (cyneraria hybrida) dwarf cineraria  
cinta (clorophytum comosum)    
clavel carnation  
clavelina (dianthus plumarius) carnations (smaller)  
dama de noche (cestrum nocturnum) night-blooming jessemine
espinas del señor (euforbia milii) crown of thorns  
geranio (pelargonium) geranium  
geranio chino (pelargonium) geranium  
gitanilla (pelargonium peltatum) (dangling geranium)  
granado pomegranate tree  
guisantes de olor (lathyrus odoratus) dwarf sweatpea "sweetheart"  
helecho (osmunda regalis) fern  
hortensia (hydrangea hortensia) hydrangea  
limonero lemon tree  
jazmín jasmine  
madreselva honeysuckle  
malvarrosa rose mallow, hollyhock  
naranjo orange tree  
palmera palm tree  
pendiente de la reina / furcia (fuchsia gracilis)

fuchsia gracilis

pensamientos (viola tricolor) pansy  
petunia (petunia hybrida) petunia  
plátano plane tree  
romero (rosmarinus officinalis) rosemary  
rosal (rosa) rose bush  
rosal de pitiminí fairy rose (bush)  
tajete (chrysanthemum sinense) chrysanthemum  
yedra ivy  
hierbabuena (menta spicata) green mint  

For more flowers, take a look at our patio festival photos and photos of the alcazar gardens.

Have you got a green thumb?
If you would like to contribute to this glossary with terms or pictures, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. email

Sabe mucho de las plantas?
Si le gustaría contribuir a esta lista español-latín-inglés de las flores de Córdoba con sugerencias o fotos, puede enviarnos un mensaje. correo electrónico.



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