Photo Album: Mosque - Cathedral of Cordoba Spain

Views of the interior of the Cathedral (once Mosque)

The Church - Cathedral of Cordoba Spain, popularly know as the Mosque of Cordoba or the "Mezquita", stands over a Christian church built in the Visigothic period (5th C). In 711, after Moorish conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, it was used as a Mosque. In 786, Abd al-Rahman I tore down St Vicente church and erected the first section of the Great Mosque in its place, re-using much of the church's materials. His descendants expanded the building twice towards the river, and the ruler Almanzor made a final enlargement in 988. In 1236, following Cordoba's fall to Ferdinand of Castile and after over 500 years of use as a mosque, the site was re-consecrated Christian. The Cannons decided to erect a cathedral in the center of the mosque in 1523, tearing down the center to make room. The enclosed choir area now blocks some of the original views, yet the Mosque remains sublime. With the richest areas still untouched and its extensive vistas of columns and double arches, it is the foremost Islamic monument in Spain and a unique example of the inter-play of Christian and Moslem cultures in Spain. Click on the thumbnails below for larger photos in JPG format.

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Arches facing courtyard

View oldest section

Chapel west wall

Columns and ceiling

Detail chapel

ceiling Al-Hakam II

Ceiling old cathedral 14C

View Al-Hakam II

Villaviciosa Chapel

Multi-lobed arches

Al-Hakam II - chapel

Cupola above Mihrab

Wall Mihrab

Decoration Mihrab

Detail inscriptions

Decoration cupola

Mihrab Bizantine mosaic

Multi-lobed arch

Ceiling Al-Hakam II

Mudejar Royal Chapel

View into Almanzor

Almanzor expansion

Ray of light on old arch

Semi-circular, horseshoe

Almanzor, near cathedral

16C tracery ceiling

View 16th C cathedral

16th C arch

North transecpt

Dedication on apse wall

Cupola above nave

Ceiling above choir

Lecturn, high altar

Sanctuary from nave

Choir prayer desks

West end choir

Ceiling above W nave

Organ, cupolas

High altar, Islamic arches

Detail sanctuary

N transept arches

Wall Abd-Al Rahman I


Treasury and museum

Treasury and museum

Treasury and museum

Insciption quarry masters

10th C wood beams

Islamic plaster work


Medieval painted tiles

Medieval tracery


Sagrario chapel

Wall murals Sagrario

Tracery, wrought iron


Almanzor arches

Chapels east wall

Behind Sacristy

Almanzar, west aisle

North wall Almanzor

Double arches Almanzor

Antonio del Castillo

"Christian Captive" legend

Entrance north wall

Aproach to Mihrab

Cathedral butresses

Tracery ceiling and figures

View into choir

Back of enclosed choir

Islamic, Christian arches

Villaviciosa chapel

Villaviciosa detail

Villaviciosa to Mihrab

Detail V. Chapel

Nave old 13thC cathedral

Peek into royal tomb

Approach Mihrab

Approach Mihrab


Multi-lobed arch Mihrab

Islamic cupola adj Mihrab

Ceiling Al-Hakam II

Cupola Villaviciosa Ch.

Cupola Villaviciosa

Crucifix, Villaviciosa

Roman column (?)

View choir ceiling

Christ and Apostles

South Villaviciosa Ch

Chapel (?)

Mudejar Royal Chapel

Classical, Moorish


Medieval mural

Christian sculpture

Arches at exit

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