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Sightseeing Around the Mosque in Cordoba


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The Mosque of Cordoba is one of Spain's most visited monuments, so your visit will naturally begin there. Nearby, there are many other attractions to see:

North: (just up V. Bosco) la Calleja de las Flores (*), the city's most popular postcard scene. At the end of this tiny street, lined with flower pots, is a small medieval square with a fountain and a wonderful view of the cathedral's bell tower.

South: (on banks of Guadalquivir River) is a baroque monument to Cordoba's protector, the Archangel Rafael. Nearby stands the Puerta del Puente (Bridge Gate), which was rebuilt during the renaissance. The Roman Bridge, with its 16 arches, was first built in Roman times as a part of the Via Augusta and later repaired by the Moors. Until 2004, it was open to vehicles. In 2009 a mjor resoration was completed. Across the river, defending the southern side of the bridge, is the Moorish Calahorra Tower, now home to the curious Museum of Three Cultures. It was also restored recently. Downriver, in the midst of a bird reserve, are the remains of Moorish water mills. The Albolafia mill was restored in recent times and has been adopted as the symbol of Cordoba. Upriver, on the left bank, is a new park and promenade affording wonderful views in the morning and early evening hours.

East: the enchanting Calle del Pañuelo, so called because it was said to be only as wide as a handkerchief at its narrowest point. Beyond it, in Jerónimo Páez Square, is the Archeological Museum.

West: (facing Mosque) the old San Jacinto church, now the Cordoba Conference Center, and the Episcopal Palace, former site of the Caliph's palace, which was connected to the Mosque by an overhead passageway during the Caliphate.

Cordoba sightseeing walking itinerary: Mosque, Jewish Quarter and Alcazar




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