Cordoba Travel Information

Info-Cordoba is a travel information guide for Cordoba Spain written by a long-time resident. In it you will find the information you need on Cordoba hotels, monuments, sightseeing, eating and festivals to plan your trip to Andalusia (southern Spain).

Cordoba’s Remarkable History

Cordoba’s Remarkable HistoryCapital of the western world in the 11th century, Cordoba is not only a convenient stop in central Andalusia, but the essence of Spain. Roman, Jewish, Islamic and Castilian civilizations are captured in its streets, its monuments and its collective consciousness. Check our history section for a timeline. Intimately linked with the city’s history and identity is the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba (la Mezquita), one of Spain’s most visited attractions. Cordoba boasts of three UNESCO World Heritage distinctions: the Mosque-Cathedral (1984), Cordoba’s Historic Center (1994) and Cordoba’s Patio Festival (2012).

The sights of sounds of Andalusia: A tourist’s delight

But there’s more to Cordoba than just the Mezquita. It is a city which is meant to be explored–its sights, its smells and its tastes savored at leisure. A little square trickling with a fountain, an open doorway revealing a peaceful courtyard or a balcony overflowing with bougainvilleas await just steps away from the hurried itineraries of coach tours.