Cordoba Restaurants

Bars and Traditional Taverns

Taverna San Miguel – El Pisto (San Miguel Square). Traditional Cordoba tavern which has become a favorite for international and national tourists. Moderate.

Santos (Calle Magestral González Francés). Very small tapas bar with the best Tortilla de Patatas in Cordoba, just outside the Mezquita on the north-east corner. On Sundays order your tapas and beer with plastic cups “para sacar” and stand out in the sun with the locals. Economical.

Sociedad de Plateros (Calle San Francisco, 6. Tel 957 470 042). Traditional Cordoba tavern. Economical.

Taberna Salinas (Calle Tundidores, 3. Tel 957 480 135). Excellent tavern between the Roman temple and Corredera Square. Economical to Moderate.

Taberna La Sacristía (Calle Alarcón López, 3. 957 491 941). Small out-of-the-way tavern just north of Santa Marina Church. Economical.

Pagos de Moriles (Avenida Los Molinos, 1. 957 456 606). Upscale tavern north of Colón Park. Moderate.

Mesón Juan Peña (Doctor Fleming, 1. Tel 957 200 702). Excellent little restaurant with busy bullfighting and antiques motif. Moderate to expensive.

La Posada del Bacalao (Calle María Auxiliadora, 25. Tel 957 470 304). Part of the Sociedad de Plateros chain, specializing in Cod. Off the beaten path. Economical.

Los Mochuelos (Calle Augustín Moreno, 51. Tel 957 251 749). Traditional tavern on south-eastern edge of historic district. Economical.

Local Restaurants

Restaurante Puerta Sevilla (Calle Postrera, 15. Tel 957 297 380). Excellent restaurante in San Basilio neighborhood next to the gate of Sevilla. Moderate.

El Caballo Rojo (Calle Cardenal Herrero, 28. Tel 957 475 375). One of Cordoba’s emblematic restaurants. Moderate to Expensive.

Bodegas Campos (Calle Los Lineros, 32. Tel 957 497 500). An excellent restaurant with tapas bar, private rooms and elegant dining. Reservations recommended. Moderate to Expensive.

El Churrasco (Calle Romero, 16. Tel 957 290 819). Good restaurant specializing in roast meats. Moderate to expensive.


Pastelería Roldán (Concepción,18. Stylish café and bakery facing park with plexiglass floor and remains of Roman city walls below). Tables on terrace. Moderate.

International Cuisine

Foster’s Hollywood (Calle Rafael de la Hoz Arderius, 4. Tel 957 272 679). The American franchise, nachos, big burgers and all. Near Hotel Cordoba Center on north side of center. Popular with middle-class teens. Economic to moderate.

Burger King (2 central locations. Center: Calle Concepción, 12; and next to Mezquita: Calle Cardenal Herrero, 12). For hungry, unadventurous travellers who miss cheap, familiar food.