Cordoba Photo Essays

Cordoba Photos – great photographs of city and monuments by photographer J Entrenas (

Cordoba is a photographer’s delight, and those with an artistic bent have enough subjects and light conditions here to fill album upon album with their photographs. When looking through the following pages, click on the image to see a larger version with a descriptive text below. Unless otherwise noted, photos were taken by J. Entrenas, an excellent amateur photographer from Cordoba, and all of the informative descriptions and explanations were written by myself. We aim to make this page a visual tour of Cordoba, with insights on its art, monuments, attractions, culture and everything that makes it a special, different kind of city.

Cordoba Photos – Great Albums

NEW: Medinat Al-Zahra Interpretive Center and Museum (23 photos). Opened in October 2009, this new museum has converted the Medinat into a major attraction.

Medina Azahara Centro Interpretivo - cervatillo

Album Mosque – Cathedral interior (98 photos). The first major collection to be added, with striking photos of the different phases of the Mosque (Abd al-Rahman I, Abd al-Rahman II, Al-Hakem, Almanzor) and Christian additions (the 13th- and 16th-century cathedrals and chapels). Besides hard-to-find, high-quality photos in tricky light conditions, descriptions of photos include carefully-researched information that is available nowhere else on the internet.

Interior Mosque - Abd al-Rahman II section

Album Mosque – Cathedral exterior (20 photos). Views from around the mosque at night and during the day. Some photos of the Patio de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Courtyard) and the bell tower. Descriptions included.

Mosque Exterior - facade Al-Hakam II

Historic center of Cordoba (25 photos). Collection of Cordoba’s old city, with exception of Jewish Quarter and other major attractions, included in separate albums.

View of Mezquita belfry from Callejita de las Flores

The Jewish Quarter (11 photos). Photo album of the best-known sites in the Jewish Quarter. More to be added.

Calle Judios in Cordoba's Jewish Quarter

The Alcazar (47 photos). Collection of photos of the inside and outside of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, one of the most-visited monuments. Descriptions, including insightful text on Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabel, King Fernando and their connections to the Alcazar

Flowers in gardens of Cordoba's alcazar castle

updated 29 November 2009